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Add Kashmiri Mogra To Your Diet Because Of Its Multiple Benefits

Posted by Admin on October, 21, 2021

Kashmiri mogra saffron is quite popular across India and rightfully deserves to be added to your diet. However, before proceeding to learn the top reasons for adding this wonderful spice to your diet, you must first get familiar with it as a whole. The Kashmiri mogra is a small spice that is known for its bulbous and perennial nature. The spice belongs to the families of lily.

Everything that Goes into Producing Kashmiri Mogra Saffron
The stigmas of the saffron flower which is made to catch the pollen are carefully handpicked for the production of the saffron. After handpicking it, the saffron is then laid painstakingly over a sieve only to be cured on top of the heat to enhance the taste. The entire process not only involves time but also manual work; no wonder why the spice is the most expensive in the world. Some of the top producers of saffron in the world are Kashmir in India, Italy, Morocco, Greece, and Iran. The labour-intensive crop also includes three crimson stigmas in its middle that are hand-picked.

Here are some of the perks you get from the Kashmiri mogra saffron.
Key Health Benefits Associated with Kashmiri Mogra Saffron
Owing to its rich medicinal properties, the Kashmiri mogra saffron is preferred as a culinary ingredient all across the world. The saffron is vastly used as an aphrodisiac apart from being used as a carminative and diaphoretic.

They Keep You Safe from Cancer
The distinguishable golden colour of the saffron is rendered by crocin (a carotene that is water-soluble). The apoptosis is known to be triggered because of crocin in various kinds of cancer cells like soft tissue sarcoma, ovarian carcinoma, leukaemia, etc. It has been seen in different researches that the active saffron components have the power to obstruct human malignant cells.

They Help You Memorize Things
According to recent researches, saffron extracts, particularly crocin, are beneficial in treating age-specific mental problems. The saffron extracts are also widely used for treating memory loss and Parkinson’s disease.

They Have a Robust Stimulant Effect for Under-developed Girls
For under-developed girls, Kashmiri mogra saffron can have an overall stimulant effect. Just a pinch of saffron is all that it takes in 1 tablespoon of milk to get the hormones stimulated and help you get the desired results.

You Aid in Better Sexual Performance
The saffron extracts are known for being an excellent sexual stimulant which you can consume every day in one glass of milk before going to bed.

They Assist in Patchy Baldness
The saffron can be dissolved in milk and liquorice and make up for a powerful topical application to increase the growth of hair for patients who suffer from alopecia.

They Give you Sufficient Protection from Cold
The Kashmiri mogra proves effective in treating the common cold and flu-like fever. You can mix saffron with milk and apply it to the forehead to get instant relief from the cold.

Kashmiri mogra saffron is one of the popular spices which you can take from the Kashmiri mogra suppliers in India is safe to consume. If taken in the right dosage, the Kashmiri mogra saffron is the best when it comes to spices.

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