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7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Saffron You Might Not Know About

Posted by Admin on March, 29, 2022

Saffron commonly known as Kesar is an ancient spice that has been an important part of our rich culinary heritage. This expensive spice was once a precious possession of the royal and wealthiest families. Saffron has marked its way across various countries in the world. This magical spice is widely used for accentuating the taste of desserts & sweets and to give a rich aroma and color to different delicacies like curries, biryanis. Right from the Greek culinary culture to North America and then to the Asian subcontinent, saffron has been an essence of several culinary cultures.

Basically, saffron is the stigma (the part of the flower that catches pollen) of Crocus sativus. It is extracted from the flower and used after drying the extracts. For centuries, saffron has been an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. According to Ayurveda, it is believed that a few strands of saffron can do wonders for your body and mind. This awesome old-age spice has been used by several civilizations for its aromatic flavor and medicinal properties. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of this miraculous spice-

Provide Protection Against Cancer:

Saffron contains Crocin, a water-soluble, dark orange color carotene, which is the key component of the spice that gives its rich orange-red color. Crocin can be helpful in triggering the death of various cancer cells, ovarian carcinoma, leukemia cells, soft tissue sarcoma, and colon adenocarcinoma. Saffron and its useful components have the ability to suppress various human malignant cells. This miraculous spice not only inhibits cancer cells but also has no such effects on normal cells. Actually, it helps in stimulating the formation of lymphocytes in the body thereby destroying the cancer cells.

Improves Memory:

For ages, moms add saffron strands to their kids’ drinks or milk in order to improve their memory and stay focused on their studies. According to recent studies, saffron, especially its crocin content, is beneficial in treating age-related mental deterioration. In many parts of the world, saffron is used for treating memory loss, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and inflammation.

Stimulates Hormones:

Saffron has a stimulant effect on underdeveloped girls. A few strands of saffron mixed in a cup of milk can be beneficial for stimulating hormones and bring the desired effect in girls with delayed puberty.

Increases Vitality:

Saffron acts as a sexual stimulant and can be taken with a glass of milk at bedtime if someone is experiencing low libido or no sex drive.

Helpful in Treating Alopecia:

Saffron can be beneficial in treating patchy baldness or alopecia. It can be mixed in milk and licorice and applied in the affected areas to induce hair growth.

Protects From Cold:

Saffron acts as a stimulant tonic and is very effective in treating cold and fever. It can also be mixed in milk and applied directly on the forehead to get relief from cold quickly.

Used As Safe Food Additives:

Saffron is a great replacement for synthetic food additives. Synthetic food colors can trigger allergic reactions and saffron with its hypoallergenic properties can be a good alternative choice. But it is important to choose the premium quality of saffron presented by one of the trusted saffron exporters in India.

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